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maintenance wash

Maintenance Wash

What Is Fungal Growth?

This can easily be rectified by carrying out a maintenance wash.


Select a 60º or 90º [HOT]  cotton wash [refer to your user manual]


Close the door and switch on – “Start”


When the machine has completed the fill [no more water goes in] and the drum starts to tumble then


Open the dispenser [powder] drawer and pour in ½ litre of THIN cheap bleach.


Then add at least 4 litres of water into the drawer [this will raise the water level to the lower part of the door seal] It is perfectly safe to do this.


Close the powder drawer and leave the machine to complete the wash cycle [the length of the wash time varies dependant on your machine – between 90minutes to 180 minutes]


Once the machine has finished the machine will smell fresh and the door seal will be cleaner, but more importantly the tub will be clean and fungus free.


Fungal growth occurs where water is predominately drawn from bore holes. This water often contains fungal spores naturally. With modern, low temperature, bleach free wash powders fungi grow as a jelly like substance; these in turn capture the minerals in the wash water from wash powders [additives designed to encourage fungal growth in the water/sewerage system]  and dirty water. The smell, seal damage and metal fatigue is caused by bacterial waste as the bacteria feeds on the fungi.































Does your washing machine smell?

Has the door seal gone black?

Has your washing gained strange grey streaks?


You have a fungal infection!!

Your machine could be in danger of premature mechanical failure

(Broken drum support bracket – often terminal in new machines)


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